Delicious nectar of the Gods! I absolutely love the variety and the customer service. Not to mention their amazing offer of all-you-can-drink bands. This soda, and company, are AMAZEBALLS!

Carol R.


The first time you buy a mug online or at an event, you can fill up on our delicious soda flavors ALL DAY FOR FREE, wherever you find us. Bring your mug back to an event in the future, pay $5.00, fill up ALL DAY AGAIN, it's simple.

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One of THE BEST sodas. Taste is great and I love the fact that I bought my mug at Weatherford's Peach Festival in 2016, used it again this year and at the Dallas Comic Con 2017! Well worth the money.

Leigh P. (Facebook)


We are event based and experience driven. Find us at a fair, festival, concert or rally near you, and GET YOUR MUG ON.


Wild Bill's brings me back to my childhood. I grew up on the East Coast and had birch beer, but now that I live in Oklahoma, it's a task to find it. Whenever I go to a convention, getting a mug of Wild Bill's makes the trip even better! Thanks so much!

Laurie B. (Facebook)